June 15, 2011

... And It Is Given

Once again... I confirm...
When we turn to Life and ask for something that we really want or need, it takes heed. How many times have you asked but not seen or felt the results? Does that mean that nothing happened, or could that mean that we just didn't pay attention or connect the dots?
That, which takes for us to actually begin to trust Life is the results that are continuous and observable. Such are human beings. We want to be able to feel the gift with any of our five senses, otherwise we're oblivious or skeptical. Those, who attempt to trust in Life without apparent "evidence" do not look credible.
Does Life care that you want to see it to believe it? No. It just does its own thing and if you connect the dots, you do; if you don't, you don't. At some point, one can choose to start to notice the connection between what is requested and what is given. Many times we will notice that much is indeed given.
Often it happens that Life takes the opposite direction of what we'd have wanted or planned, and then we feel discouraged and disillusioned. But do you really think that you always know better? Do you think that your limited mind supersedes the wisdom of the Universe?  If you do, you're on a long way of perpetual struggle. 

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