October 23, 2013

Moving On

For a long time we may brew in our misery and darkness, suffering day in and day out, functioning like zombies. We may understand with our heads that what's happening isn't good for us. But we keep walking the same road every day. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to change our behaviors or break free from what we know is destroying us. However, failed attempts to change prepare us for that moment, when a bright spark of clarity lights up the path of freedom and release. At that moment the pain of pain becomes greater than the pleasure of pain and then we decide to let go. I am at this point, where I have allowed myself to emotionally crumble and the benefits of that are no longer sufficient. It is still painful to look at the reality face-to-face and accept the fact that what has been is no longer the same and will never be the same. So I make a choice to stand face-to-face with Now and see the benefits that await me. There are many open doors, if only I chose to walk through them. Slowly, I am approaching these doors and soon enough I will cross the threshold.


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