November 24, 2010

Fear of Contentment

Why do people fail to accept contentment permanently?
There are long periods of misery in our lives, obstacles, problems, and much negativity. We complain and claim that we want to feel better. Some of us even embark on a journey to improve our lives.
But along the way, we resort to our old behaviors, thoughts and feelings.
Aside from the fact that old habits are hard to break, an important branch stands out - addiction to familiarity and fear of the unknown.
This is how it looks like:

  • We're discontent to the point of not wanting to continue the old way
  • We brainstorm the new way
  • We take action (often not applicable)
  • We start to practice new ways, getting acclimated to newness
  • Instead of feeling anticipated improvement, there's a nagging feeling of oddity
  • Oddity adds to our irritation and growing discontent
  • Reflection follows: We don't know how to live and feel better for more than a day or two or a week; it freaks us out
  • Tired, we go back to the familiar, even though it's still dissatisfying
  • After a short period of rest, we try again, and the circle continues
We want to feel good but we don't know how to live with it for a long time. We need the emotions that have fueled us for years, most of which are negative.
What does it take to break free?
Is it facing our fears of constant joy, subsequent imaginable boredom, and realization that we deserve better?


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