July 4, 2011


It has been raining and thundering in Florida for a while now. Every day it's raining and the sun comes out randomly whenever it pleases, if it pleases. After a while, it started to become annoying. Couldn't go out anytime I wanted. Couldn't go to the pool whenever (not that I planned to swim anyway...). Yesterday, I found out that many states in the US suffered from the lack of rain and the result was lack of water for many cities. That totally switched my perspective and I felt a bit guilty for not appreciating nature as it presented itself. I have been too concerned about my own comfort. Sometimes, Life does the work for us, providing a larger perspective on things; but sometimes, we have to do this work ourselves, without external reminders. I guess, once again, I will tell myself that things happen for a reason and whatever is happening is for my own advantage, whether I realize it or not.

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