June 8, 2010

Life in a Moment

It is indeed true that at any time in point our minds are scattered around the past, present and future. We find it extremely hard to focus on here and now without our minds wandering away. Even during the best moments in our lives, such as a wonderful vacation or meeting a great partner or witnessing the birth of a baby, our minds aren't fully present. During the vacation, we might think about returning to that beautiful place next year, what we'll do and where we'll go; when having fun with our new partner, we wonder how long it might last, whether he/she is really the one, and how our lives might turn out together; when a baby is born, we might think about what he/she'll  look like in the future, what the baby will become and what direction he/she'll take.
An inability to be wholeheartedly present in any particular moment robs us from true joy of life. Every day is like an illusion, in which we half-participate. Life passes us by, waving along, and we're just watching, only occasionally touching its surface.
Recently, I've been asking myself a question, "Is this how I want my life to feel?" The answer is clear no. My constantly scattered mind keeps me in a cycle of endless worry, needless over-analysis and numbness. I've been doing that for way too long. It's time to start changing the pattern.
So today, I will attempt to focus on any task at hand - be it the conversation with a person, fitness activity, walking, driving, eating or anything else. I'll try to pay attention to the entirety of any given moment and see how it feels. Today will be one day that will not carelessly pass.


  1. Thank you for writing the things that I'm thinking about constantly. As I realize that I'm about to take my journey elsewhere, I began to think about my time in Virginia for the past several months. Since I have been here, I have not truly and wholeheartedly enjoyed any moments because I was thinking of the past or the future. As you said, it's hard to do so, but, like you, TODAY, because today is always a good place to start. Thank you again, for everything.

  2. No problem. Now you have a chance to life moment to moment in a new place. It will be a wonderful experience!



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