June 4, 2010

The Stripes of Life

In the middle of an ordeal, we often forget that most things have a beginning and the end. When we're distraught, we lose focus and feel like it will never end, which in turn makes us feel worse.
Sometimes one thing comes after another, forming a seemingly endless cycle. When anger overwhelms us, feeling of helplessness makes us give up and say "Whatever. I don't care anymore."
Of course we care, otherwise we wouldn't feel bad. But the exhaustion is exacerbated by the perception of endlessness.
So when I feel like giving up and screaming, I do scream or whatever makes me feel better, but then I remind myself, "Even though sometimes life enjoys playing this evil game with me, giving me one challenge after another with no break, it can't last forever. Nothing lasts forever. It will end. Soon."
Some relief is followed, until the moment I lose focus again and sink into my dark pit. But I'm relentless in reminding myself, Nothing Lasts Forever...
The black stripe of life is always followed by a white one. It's the law of balance and contrast. Keep focused on that white stripe as much as possible and it will facilitate your arrival there.

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