June 9, 2010

Right Piece at the Right Time

Many of us want to have everything all at once, including the information. We want to know as much as there is to know, right here, right now; or we're attempting to acquire knowledge as fast and as frequently as possible. It all stems from the desire to be in control - the more knowledge we have, the more in control we feel.
However, life, as usual, has wiser agendas for us than we might have for ourselves. The more we're open to life and the more trust we have in its processes, the more things we notice to come into our experiences at the right time and place.
Information seems to come right when we need it and sometimes we wonder how come we've never noticed or thought of it before.
I find it fascinating to observe such instances in my life. There's so much to know and often, when I'm overwhelmed and confused, I'm given the right piece in the right proportion. I attend to it and learn, knowing that that is what I need. It also helps me to relax in my frantic chase of all possible knowledge. I guess life is much more precise and selective.

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