June 10, 2010

Through Disapproval

I've been thinking about it many times before, but it's getting clearer to me now more than ever.
Contemplating on what I want to be or to do, what I am or am not, what I want and don't want - removed some of the fog around those subjects.
One of the things I'm starting to get used to: If I want to stop feeling wishy-washy and want to determine and be what I really am, I will consciously enter the camp with two opposing sides - those who like me and what I do, and those who don't. The real challenge is to accept this and learn to live with it, comfortably.
No one is accepted and liked by everyone. It's not even necessary. We're not here to be liked and approved by everyone. We're here to serve those who let us serve them. Those are the people who accept us and what we do, and those are the people we should truly focus on during the moments of disapproval and dislike by the opposition.

1 comment:

  1. Why should you have to separate those that accept who you are and what you do and those that don't accept you? Why even pay attention? Should anybody listen to the opposition that comes from doubters? The great people in this world are those who refused to listen to the opposition rather than those that gave in to the non-believers.

    Who do you want to be and what do you want to do with your life? How have you felt opposition and why have you kept these people in your life long enough to bring you down?



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