May 8, 2010

Your Own Way

At some point, hopefully, we'll come to a breaking point when we realize that we're no longer able to live our lives others want or expect us to live. So many years we spend on trying to please the loved and not-so-loved ones that we forget what we're here for. Fear of rejection, condemnation, judgment, and being misunderstood and unaccepted steers us to the wrong path - living someone else's life.
Once we're fed up, we learn that the only life worth living is an authentic life, the one that truly makes us happy. Only through that we're able to contribute ourselves into the world. But first, we need to undertand that there's no other way but to face our fears head on.
I'm torn from inside to acknowledge the fact that by choosing to live my life the way I want to will most likely create a chasm between myself and certain people whom I love the most. No longer am I willing to live life according to their expectations or make choices that would please them. From now on I will listen to my heart and try to hear what it tells me. Then follow its path. I'm not responsible for others' perceptions, nor am I responsible for their unhappiness or discontentment. I'm only responsible for my own happiness that I intend to manifest.
The only prerequisite for whatever I just said, is realizing life's true value and our ownership.

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