May 9, 2010

It Begins With You

The more I seek and find value in myself, the more I like myself, and the more I like myself, the better I feel.
I figured that the experience of life begins with you and ends with you. Through your own prism, life unfolds. To make it pleasant, you have to learn to love and accept yourself the way you are. To change your world, you have to learn to love and accept yourself the way you are. It doesn't take something or someone else first. It takes you first.
The negative feelings stem from your negativity toward youself. It's difficult to truly love anything or anyone before you love yourself first.
So here's the answer - step on a path to learning. Learning to treat yourself with respect, love, care, consideration, veneration, and sacredness. An immense power lies in it. It enters you and gives you wings. It makes you feel that you're in control of your experiences, because you are.
I see the progress with my bare eyes. I see how accepting myself, one piece at a time, brings so much joy and relief. With less and less rejection of who I am, I finally get a glimpse of my true beauty. By harnessing that vibration, I radiate joy and inspiration onto others. What can be better?

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  1. How do you treat yourself with more respect? How do you start on the path to loving yourself more? I understand and agree with what you are saying but it's not as easy as it sounds...the process almost seems overwhelming. To change the inner view you have of yourself is a daunting task.

  2. Great questions, M.V.!
    I agree that it's not easy. Or maybe it seems that way because of the obscurity that covers the issue.
    I think certain answers apply to certain people. There's no particular way. But the biggest thing is recognition that something is very off. You recognize it when for a long time you're discontent and your life is heavy, when you feel miserable for more of the time than not. Then you start contemplating. You read and contemplate. You listen to other people and their stories and you contemplate. The most important thing is to be fed up. Fed up with imbalance and negativity. We're so used to feeling bad that it becomes our background upon which our lives unfold. It doesn't feel good but it's familiar and we stick to the familiar. But there comes a point when sticking to familiar doesn't work anymore because it's just too painful. Then you start the search and feel your way forward.
    Every path starts from point A, which is recognition. Then point B, which is decision. And so on. When you understand with your heart (not only with your head) that everything begins with you, then it takes time to accept that idea. Once you become more familiar with it, you start acting on it. It takes one little step at a time, which does make it less daunting.
    May I ask why the process is overwhelming to you, why is it daunting?



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