April 25, 2010

Ups and Downs

The more I reflect on life, the more I see the pattern of opposites in its flow. Dark times follow bright times and then back to dark. Then back to bright. The neutral periods are just the transitions from one to the other.
But that's not the problem. The problem is getting stuck. Unfortunately, most often we get stuck in the dark periods, not able to get out. We clench to them so hard, believing that it'll never end or if it will, it won't be too soon. That perpetuates us sitting in the dark dump for longer than it could otherwise be.
If we make effort to notice that the ups are always following the downs, if we make effort to focus on that, it might give us some relief. Knowing that all things pass gives us hope. After a while, we learn to focus on the brighter part that is soon to come. How soon, it depends on us.
Even though internally I'm in total confusion and mess, and even though I've been there for longer than I would have liked, I refuse to believe and feel like it will never change because I know it will. Life doesn't stand in one place. I choose to keep in mind the picture I want to appear in my life scenario after the dark period is over so that I could enjoy it to the fullest.

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