April 15, 2010

Dare to Dream

Too many of us often aim lower because our logic or common sense tell us it's unrealistic or even impossible. We go about our lives, trying to convince ourselves that in actuality we don't even want something of that magnitude and that we could very well do without it.
I learned another simple thing recently - whom am I benefiting with such thinking? Whom am I harming? Nobody. And myself.
I'm not doing anyone a favor by thinking that something is unrealistic and by wanting less. Life doesn't need such a favor. Nor do other people. My disbelief doesn't make the world a better place. The last person to benefit from this would be me. How does that look?
Who cares if something is realistic or not? Even the notion of realistic is man-made. It's based on probability, which depends on a certain person. Why can't I just want something big without having this annoying voice on the background, bringing me down? It doesn't make any sense. So I'm revising my desires and dreams, listing them in detail, and then, while I strive forward in life - I dream and I dream. It makes me feel good when I research and imagine something that I want - be it a degree, a skill, a certain type of job, a house, an appearance, anything. It's not as much about it coming true or not, as it's about letting my imagination go and enjoying myself.
It's known that if one is capable of imagining something, they are capable of getting it. And the reason why we don't is because we don't believe in it and/or don't truly want it.


  1. I was just thinking about stuff like this, I like the way you think and I agree with this. For me it has to do with many things but I tend to hold myself back from my dreams because of the opinions of others and it's really hurting no one but myself. I am just going to aim for what I want.

  2. You know, I recently felt so strongly how opinions of others can interfere in our lives. And the biggest problem is that it's not that easy to just say "I don't care." We might not care so much about what others think but it's very unpleasant to deal with discontent, scorn, or any other negative reaction while it lasts. That discomfort usually stops us although deep down, while avoiding one thing, we got ourselves something else (unfulfilled dreams).



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