April 27, 2010

Time Release

When the song came on, I purposefully didn't turn it off this time. I wanted to see where I stood emotionally. So much time had elapsed and I wondered if there was any change, any progress, any improvement.
As the song played, all the memories came back and thus all the emotions. Tears covered my face once again.
But something was different. Even though I was immersed in the Old again, I was just immersed in it temporarily. I wasn't entirely there anymore because Time did fade some of it away. My Self was here, in the Now. I have a meaning and depth in my current life. I'm growing, learning and enjoying myself.
Ultimately, it's not about the past or that it still makes you cry. It's about the fact that the Present is as or more meaningful, deep and enjoyable as the Past. That's progress.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you are making progress, time makes many things better. :)



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