April 27, 2010

Fatal Water

Have you ever thought about water in the following way?
We know that water is the essence of life. The planet is mostly water. Water sustains life. No water, no life. Our bodies are composed from water for the most part.
Yet, I am fascinated to observe how plants die from excess water. And if a human drinks too much of it, kidneys can fail.
That makes me reflect on moderation. Everything in moderation cliche actually makes sense. What gives life can take it away...
Life turns out to be a striving for that middle, while we're wobbling from side to side. While we're striving for balance, we learn in the process. Oh, how fun is that?


  1. Interesting thing to try...microwave a cup of water and boil another cup of water. Let them cool to room temperature and then water two separate plants with them. See what happens. Hint...do not put the microwaved water on a plant that means a lot to you. It will make you wonder what our convenient technologies do to nature and our bodies.

  2. Moderation is a lot like balance. Nature returns to balance on it's own, sometimes violently like in storms, but unlike the rest of nature we have the ability to cognitively choose balance. A gold fish will gorge itself if you feed it too much, Plants will drink too much water, similarly charged ions that group together are violently spread out again through lightening strikes. But a person can choose not to overdo something that we want or we can choose to overdo something. A person can willingly make a choice against a drive or for it. Our ability to create balance or destroy it seems almost unique to us among all nature. All life and nature requires balance. Chemicals, math, ecosystems, planets, lightening, emotions. So I think Moderation is a self evident virtue of nature.

  3. M.V. you're absolutely right. Convenient technologies can be very damaging, including machines and chemicals. I know how microwave ovens restructure molecules in food that's no longer suitable for human body. I don't use microwaves anymore, trying to stay away from unorganic food as well. But that's another topic altogether...

  4. Jon - that makes me think about the concept of free will on our planet (or some other for that matter, unknown to me personally), which should be cherished, yet, because we don't understand it, we can't value it.
    Until it's taken away...



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