April 28, 2010

Breaking To Pieces

Too much laundry to do this morning and I didn't know how to get it all at once into the washer. Something came up over and over and the laundry still wasn't loaded. Being annoyed by the amount of clothes, I unconsciously procrastinated. Eventually I figured that I didn't have to put all the clothes in at once. With three trips the thing would be done. Of course, I didn't want to make extra movements but it was the best option.
The situation made me think about my procrastination in certain life moments. I feel overwhelmed and while pulling my guts together to make a huge leap, I end up not leaping at all. Alternatively, I could break the plan down into small pieces and start completing it. After a while, the project would be half-done, then quarter-done and then done. Yes, it'd require extra movements but if we want to complete anything in life, we need to come to terms with it. The easy way is not always the best way. In fact, we learn that the small steps are much easier to make than a big jump. Much more things would be done in this world and much more contentment would happen.

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