April 9, 2010

Letting Go of the Result

For too long I've been concerning myself with the end result of whatever I was set out to do. That created so much pressure, that I lost the sense of joy in the process. There was no process because my mind dwelled blindly on the end.
I knew about the value of Now. In my head. But not in my heart. When it reached my heart, I confirmed that life was a volatile journey, not some place we reached in the end. So if we don't learn to enjoy the process, we won't enjoy life.
It's important to know where we want to go, to keep an eye on the prize, so to speak. But life happens now, not later. Learning to live now presumes learning how to let go of the mortal grip on the result. At first, it seems to be almost mutually exclusive. How can you let go of the end, if the end is what you're striving for?
I guess the only way is to change the perspective and understand that the process isn't less important or valuable than the result. Or to understand that the process is all we have, just like we have only today, not yesterday or tomorrow.
It isn't my business to make everything happen the way I want to. It is my business to do whatever I can to get there. However it turns out, life will decide. Once again, a humble reminder: Life is wise; it gives us the most appropriate things at the most appropriate times. Incorporating that in our minds gives us a huge sense of relief.

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