April 1, 2010

Bird Chirp

It's a gorgeous day outside! I woke up almost when intended and went outside for a walk. No one was around but me, telling myself the life scenario I intended to create.
Suddenly, my ears went sharp and heard bird chirping all around me. One bird was sitting on top of a tall street light, screaming away. I stopped, covered my face from a blaring sun, and watched the bird's beak open and close, open and close. That one bird had so many versions of a song! All different. I was fascinated. It looked like a monologue with the nature. So cute!
Other birds were doing the same in the distance. I realized how rarely I noticed their voices and how valuable they actually were. The chirping in the air made life more alive and colorful. Can you imagine the outside world, completely silent?
I stood by the pole for a while, with a silly smile on my face :-)

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