April 1, 2010

Life, Like a Disney World

The other day, when I was contemplating about life again (!), an image popped in my head - an analogy of life. Like Disney World.
In Orlando, Florida, Disney has four major parks and two water parks. The vastness of the territory is indescribable. So is the activity selection in each park. It is massive. Each park has so much to do and to see that it's impossible to enjoy everything in one day, comprehensively. It's not even possible to run through all the stuff. And there are three more parks, plus water parks.
Life works basically the same way: We came here and were given only one day to enjoy the ride. We were also given general maps to orient ourselves, where to go and what to see. Then it's up to us to choose where we want to go. If we want cultural education and more chill atmosphere, we go to Epcot. If we want a fairy tale world with lots of characters, we go to Magic Kingdom. If we love water and want different rides, we go to Blizzard Beach.
We crave to experience all the parks and everything in them, but we know that we can't in one life time. So we look at the map, select the hot spots according to our personal liking, and embark on a journey.

Get lost in the Disney World

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