March 31, 2010

A Boy on a Bike

I was riding my bike yesterday and a little boy passed me on his little bike. He looked at me with big eyes, fascinated by the size of my bike. Mine wasn't anything special. It was just bigger. I wondered if the boy compared his small bike to mine and thought that mine was better because it was bigger.
The situation reminded me about the human nature and how some parts of it manifest through all ages. Aren't we doing the same thing as adults? Comparing what we have or what we are to others? Thinking that others' lives are better, happier, more significant or more meaningful? Or that others are smarter, prettier, funnier, more interesting, and more intelligent?
In essence my bike wasn't better than the boy's. It was just bigger. If we traded our bikes, then none of us would feel comfortable. We wouldn't enjoy the ride.
I wanted to tell the little boy to look at his own bike and just have fun riding it. After all, his bike was really cool.


  1. Oh, this raises so many fascinating ideas/questions about our behavior and interactions (and the role of culture).

    You might enjoy Alain de Botton's book, STATUS ANXIETY. Highly recommend.

  2. Check.
    When you get the time and desire, share your thoughts about your fascinating ideas/questions about our behavior and interactions.



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