March 28, 2010

Your Body Hears You!

Since I refused to poison my body with antibiotics, I was determined to heal myself. So, the night before last, I went to bed and a wave of gratitude surged all over me. I felt so strongly how my body and all the cells were desperately trying to fight the bacteria that caused them so much pain. Without any instruction, they worked hard. I had an urgent need to talk to all my cells and thank them for the work they've done all these years, regardless of the abuse. I expressed my strongest love and gratitude I had inside my being. I even hugged myself tightly. I said "Please, be strong as much as possible. I don't want to feed you antibiotics because I know it would be the worst. I will help you too by taking measures."
Next morning I woke up and the pain was gone. I thought maybe it would come back after a while because strep throat doesn't just disappear like that. But the pain didn't return. Maybe my sincere prayer was the last straw of determination. Or maybe it was because I put out my entire soul during the conversation.
Body hears all your words and all your thoughts. Learn to respect and love it just the way it is because it works for you unconditionally.

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  1. I think humans have a lot of potential to work with their body closer than they generally do now. Discovering mind over matter and the effects of placebos should have been a new movement in realizing that the way one thinks can have a significant impact on their health. Your results are very interesting.



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