March 26, 2010

Benefits of Pain

No matter what hurts, I always think at the time how happy I would be if pain left. Then I realize that before pain arrived, I didn't feel the lack of that pain. In fact, my mind was completely elsewhere.
Oh, how happy I would be once nothing hurts again! Would I then make excuses for not doing or being something? Of course, I would. I always have. Such are humans. They need constant reminders.
However, even in my current pain, I keep reminding myself that it could be worse. Much worse. So, I can still feel quite content in my painful situation once I switch my perspective.


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  2. Thank you for writing this blog.
    It has reminded me to appreciate my physically healthy state of being. Right now, I am healthy, without pain or sickness. I can breathe easily, I can swallow, I can go running (if I choose to do so) and I can do all of these things without utilizing any medicines to subside any ailments.
    Thanks again for the reminder



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