March 29, 2010

Sunrise in the Rain

This morning I woke up at 7am (way too early, considering the fact that I went to bed after midnight), to meet the sunrise. My body wasn't happy about it but I pushed it to get up. I put my sneakers on, the clothes, and grabbed an umbrella. Outside - pouring rain!
Step after step I moved forward. Yawn. No one was around. Just the heavy rain. I decided to program my day in advance - I wanted a positive day. I thanked the Sun for coming up although it hid itself behind an overcast; I thanked the rain for pouring, for it had its benefits; I thanked my body for waking up and walking me through the wetness early in the morning. I made myself content.
Then I got stuck in the middle of a sidewalk puddle. The water streamed into my shoes and socks. If I stood there, barefoot, it'd feel the same. Step after step I moved forward again. Cringing. Why such a reaction? After all - if I thanked the rain for pouring, why was I cringing at it? Nah, I continued to step bravely through the puddle.
I came home when the street lights were mostly out. I did it. It was nice.

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