March 30, 2010


A talk on TV about Norway caught my ear. It described Norway's culture and customs, while showing the country's snowy landscapes. 
NORWAY... Why does my soul echo to that vast whiteness? What is it that calls me, whispering? I'm not from there. I don't know the language or customs. I've never stepped on that land. Yes, I'm from North and I like snow, but that's not it.
It's the color. Color White. When the grounds are covered with Whiteness, muffling all the sounds around, when there's no wind and the sun is shining - it creates a sense of bliss, harmony, and peace. A fairy tale. I feel like I'm covered with a feather blankie.
No, it's not the cold that calls me. It's that sense of peace and beauty that I'm striving for. I suppose every one of us has a scenario of pure bliss where we go at times, just to feel that innate calmness that we're entitled to.

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