March 18, 2010

Simple Things Hit Home

There are things we hear over and over but they slide off of our feathers like water. Yet at certain moments, when a tiny gap appears, a simple thing fits there and hits home.
My best friend told me yesterday that she'd buy more candy the next day. I said no, no, don't do that. Knowing my weakness before the things that are readily available, I wanted to eliminate that ready availability.
She said: Well, you have to learn how to control yourself.
That simple statement that I've heard so many times before just summoned all my attention. Hmm, I can't eliminate all the triggers from my environment, thus I must learn how to control my movements and my hand that stretches out for another candy. How about I start practicing a simple habit of saying no? At least 50% of the time. If I can't do that, then what can I do?

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