March 19, 2010

Our True Nature

It's another sunny day today. My eyes rejoice in a bright light. My mood is noticeably getting better and I wonder how long it will last. Until the sun goes down? Until I get tired? Until the mood just fades on its own? And then what? Back to the heavy, dark baseline, the foundation upon which the momentary "happiness" happens?
They say that our basic nature is joy and happiness and when we don't experience them - fear and pain are the culprits for covering our basic nature. So, I guess my task is slowly lean toward the other polarity, going from the "-" toward the "+". If I can't tackle my fears and pain overnight, then I can start climbing from another side of the mountain. I can start noticing simple things, such as the sunshine today. And the blue sky. When I just stand outside, stare up, squint my eyes, for a brief moment I feel the gap reopen. In that gap I catch a glimpse of joy and happiness - my true nature.

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