May 2, 2010


It dawned on me today how much it matters when you are 100% sure what you want to do in life. It doesn't have to be for the rest of your life, although it could. Some invisible doors open and the wind, pouring in, catches you into the world of all possibilies. You're not scared of the obstacles because you look past them to where your desire is already fulfilled. It resembles a manic state of motion until you get what you want. The want to have or be something becomes a need although it's still a want, a strong and powerful want.
But how come do we still get entangled in excuses and fears? Maybe the want isn't 100%. Or maybe there are other wants that we have, which makes us share the energy between those wants. Can a 100% be achieved only by wanting one thing at a time? After all, life does work by one step at a time.
Our minds are too clouded and hearts too muted for us to hear anything authentic within ourselves. We keep wanting one thing after another, not sure, making up excuses to not pursue something. To find out what it is that our hearts respond to 100% (not 99.9%) takes work. Once that 100% is achieved, life will take care of the rest.


  1. If 100% has not been achieved before then wouldn't it be impossible to tell? Or would 100% want for something even defeat our drives for other things and thus be obvious?

  2. I think 100% has a different type of energy that pushes us to pursue that which we truly want. Other things stay in the background, not necessarily defeated. It's like when you take pictures, you can set the focus on anything, except in life that focus establishes itself once it reaches 100%. Does it make sense?



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