April 12, 2010

The Ultimate Goal

I've been chasing after life's guarantees for so long. Never have I gotten close to that illusion. Only in my mind have I had an image of it, which had no essence to it. I knew that life was volatile, liquid, flowing, but my obssessed mind kept my nature in its tight and paralyzing grip, pushing me to bring it something that didn't exist.
Until I had enough.
The obssession turned into a physical hurt when my body started to let me know I was broken. What broke me was my perception of life, which created beliefs, behaviors, and expectations that rarely worked. I was basically poisoning myself, slowly.
Life has many great things to offer but singling out something particular and taking it out of the context leads to a fall. Obsessively wanting money and being blind to everything else in life leads to a fall. Obsessively wanting a career and the top spot and being blind to everything else in life leads to a fall. Yes, by the law of attraction in the Universe, we will get what we focus on. But unless other areas of life have also been attended to, we'll feel hollow. Something will always be missing and that will never make us feel good.
So what's the answer? What can we strive for that would not leave us feeling hollow? Something that will always make us feel good? The same answer that's been around for centuries. Thousands of years.
Life finally made me come to my knees and say: I give up trying to control every single aspect of my life; I give up trying to prove that I can make it all by myself; I give up chasing things that make me partially content. I can't waste my precious life anymore.
So, Joy. To strive for joy is to strive for everything good that we need and want. Joy opens up the channels to the Bigger and More Expansive. It clears the path between us and the Universe. Thus, according to my logic, since Universe provides us with everything, we invite whatever we want into our lives more efficiently.
When we achieve the state of Joy, things that are the most pertinent for our experience will start knocking on our doors. Our soul knows what it wants and it will attract that, uncontaminated by fears and negativity. Money will come because the Universe cannot abandon us when we're open. The right career path will come the same way. And everything else will come.
It all sounds great to me but I know that it'll take much effort to reach my goal. However, I'd rather have that goal, no matter how difficult it is, because it'll give much more profound results, as opposed to chasing something that takes as much energy (or even more) but will disappoint me in the end.

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