April 12, 2010

Small Things for a Happier Day

I'm going to come up with some random things right now to enhance my living experience today:
  1. It's a beautiful day today and when I go outside for 5 minutes and inhale, my lungs are happy and I have a smile on my face.
  2. Today I have more energy than yesterday and I'm happy about that.
  3. I will exercise today and just a thought of that makes me content.
  4. A bottle of water sits right next to me and I'm really happy that the Earth has still some pure water left. No water, no life. Yey to water!
  5. I'm glad I have my cell phone so I can keep in touch with those who I want to keep in touch with. And those who I randomly text, just to say hi.
  6. A book on the desk has information that I don't yet possess. I'm excited to read it to learn new things.
  7. Nothing hurts in my body. It did yesterday and the day before, but not today. Ahhh, nice.
  8. Even though many loved ones have either died or left, I still have loved ones now and they keep coming. Support, care, love, and generosity are vital to any human being.
  9. Mom has a dog and I scratch and pat it whenever I feel like it - touch is a stress reliever.
  10. I vacuumed the carpet in my room today and I feel much better about my life!
It took me less than 10 minutes to examine things my eyes spotted. The list is endless but right now it's enough for me to have a better day! Love to all.

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  1. Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.-Dalai Lama

    Made me think of you...

  2. :-) Amen to that!
    Little add-on: The actions would be in the form of uncovering whatever obscures our natural state of happiness and joy.

  3. Sounds similar to something I'm reading in Miguel Ruiz's "Mastery of Love".

    Do you truly believe that everybody has a natural state of happiness and joy?

  4. I've read that book a long time ago... Don't remember much. Maybe I should revisit it again.
    It seems logical that since we're seeking a good feeling, and sense of happiness and joy is that good feeling, it must be natural. It doesn't make sense for our souls to seek unnatural things.
    But the issue lies in the sense of fear and pain that cover all the good stuff. That's one of the challenges of human beings - to evolve through the pain and fear.
    Whoever designed this sick game must have been really bored, lol



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