May 18, 2010

People - Like Carrots

Another analogy popped into my head today when I was eating baby carrots. I started to chew off the top layer first, to get done with the bitter part, and left the inside for the end because it was the sweetest. When I wondered about this principle, it reminded me about how people usually were - bitter outside and sweet inside.
To protect ourselves from true or perceived threats, we build up a cover that tastes bitter, some more than others. But deep down, the essence of every single human being is love, the sweetness, no matter how inconspicuous it is for the outside world or even to the person him/herself.
Some of us take time and effort to taste that sweetness in ourselves and others, some of us don't, thinking that the bitter outside part is all there is. But the sweet essence is always there and if we keep that in mind, maybe our relations with other humans would be a bit more pleasant.


  1. ooh if that's true then I want to find a pineapple. A lot of work but totally worth it.

    I like how your analogy equates eating the inside to "getting to know" mmm delicious personality.

  2. Thank you, Jon! haha
    Pineapple is really sweet! I love pineapple.
    By the way, another fruit that I can compare a human to is kiwi. It's sour but once you get to this white middle matter, it's not sour, it's sweet! I suppose fuits are fascinating :-)

  3. lol I love Kiwis. I also suppose this means that apples are just bad people because they are easy and the cores suck D:

  4. No, Jon :-) Bad people are called bad on the surface due to crappy residue from various psychological factors, but my point was to direct the attention to the sweet core that's always there. Maybe that's why I picked a carrot or a kiwi to compare, not an apple or pear.



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