March 26, 2010

Determined Wellness

I'm having a sore throat for days now. It's highly annoying and disturbing but I am not going to go to the doctor because I have no health insurance. Plus, I refuse to feed my body with antibiotics, unless it's absolutely necessary.
OK then. Let me implement natural remedies, such as eating honey, drinking hot tea, gargling with baking soda or salt, and drink lots of water. It didn't get better but the thought of antibiotics was unacceptable. Faith. I must have faith in healing. I talk to my throat and I'm patient. I can take some pain.
Yesterday evening I noticed that the soreness lessened. The bumps in my throat were still there but they didn't hurt as much. This morning I gargled again and I'm convinced that I'll get better soon, even though it still hurts. I will get better.
Why? Because I'm trying to focus on health. Not on illness.

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